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The Deadly Saris

Radha and Helen were in their early teens in 1993, but one day, while hanging out in Dublin city centre, the girls heard a sound that would change everything: their notion of adventure, their clothes and their attitudes to boys. (2020)

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  • 3.7/5 (86 ratings)
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3.7/5 (86 ratings)

Documentary maker: Joe Kearney

Joe Kearney is an award winning documentary maker who has worked for Documentary on One for the past few years. He is a writer and broadcaster whose short fiction and memoir work is featured in numerous anthologies. He is co-editor of the best selling collection ‘Then there was light’. His current collection ,From the Candy Store to the Galtymore has just been published and launched by Ballpoint Press and is available in all bookshops.

Joe's documentary Clouds in Harry's Coffee won a Gold Award at the New York Festivals 2015. 

In 2016 he won silver at the same awards for the documentary The Anaconda Road Massacre and again in 2017 won silver for his documentary Ireland’s Secret Hangman

Joe holds a PhD in Creative Writing from UCD.

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