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Remembering Hanna Greally

The tragic story of Athlone writer Hanna Greally who was admitted to a psychiatric hospital at nineteen but didn't win her freedom again for almost 20 years.

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Documentary maker: Mary Owens (Well Said Productions)

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Remembering Hanna Greally

This documentary revisits the tragic story of Athlone writer Hanna Greally. Hanna was admitted to St. Loman's psychiatric hospital in Mullingar 'for a rest' at the age of nineteen but didn't win her freedom again for almost 20 years.

She made several attempts to escape and was finally released in 1962. Her book 'Bird's Nest Soup' shocked the nation in 1971 but after a brief period of public recognition, including a memorable appearance on the Late Late Show with Gay Byrne, Hanna slipped back into the margins of Irish society.

Hanna died in Roscommon in 1987.

For the documentary, which won the Best Radio Documentary Award at the Celtic Media Festival in April 2008, independent radio producer Mary Owens, went back to Roscommon twenty one years later to find out if anyone there remembered her struggle for justice and freedom.

Remembering Hanna Greally was made by Well Said Productions with the support of the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland's 'Sound and Vision' scheme and was first broadcast on ROS FM.

First broadcast: Sunday 15th June 2009, 7pm

An Irish radio documentary from RTÉ Radio 1, Ireland - Documentary on One - the home of Irish radio documentaries

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