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Davis Now Lectures Monday 6 July 2020

The RTÉ Radio 1 DAVIS NOW LECTURES podcast presents new or previously broadcast commissioned lectures on timely subjects from Ireland's finest scholars, thinkers and artists. The inspiration for the podcast is the iconic RTÉ THOMAS DAVIS lectures which for over half a century since 1953 featured newly written radio talks on a host of subjects. Listen and subscribe here, or search 'Davis Now Lectures' in your podcast app.

James Joyce by Maurice Craig

James Joyce by Maurice Craig, author of the landmark book 'Dublin 1660-1860: an Architectural and Social History', who in the 1982 Thomas Davis Lectures Joyce Centenary series says Joyce showed little interest in buildings, however magnificent and though he alludes to things seen, experience primarily reached Joyce through the ear.

James Joyce's Letters by Richard Ellmann

James Joyce's Letters by Richard Ellmann, his biographer, who says hints and declarations in them reveal Joyce a little as he saw himself, describing the letters in the 1982 Thomas Davis Lectures Joyce Centenary series as among the most interesting and insinuating ever written.



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