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On this week's Countrywide, Marty is on the Crowe family farm in Co Cavan meeting some new calves, Horse welfare in Ireland, LGBT+ rights in the travelling community, remembering the devastating effects of foot and mouth two decade on and marriage on Whiddy Island.

Marty On The Farm

Marty is on Crowe family farm in Co Cavan the meeting some new arrivals.

Horse Welfare in Ireland

Countrywide reporter Suzanne Cambell reports on how horse welfare in Ireland has traditionally deteriorated during spring in the week the government launched a new animal welfare initiative.

LGBT + Rights In The Travelling Community

Brenda Donohue meets LGBQT+ rights activist Johnny and Albert who are both member s of the travelling community and who are raising funds and awareness for LGBT+ rights in minority communities.

Remembering Foot and Mouth

Marty discusses the impact of foot and mouth on the farming community with Darragh McCullough and sheep farmer Mathew McGreehan 20 years on from the outbreak.

Marrying The Island Ferrymen

Well known Whiddy Island ferryman, farmer and publican Tim O'Leary talks to Marty on the morning of his wedding day.

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Speech Broadcaster of the Year Damien O'Reilly and the CountryWide team feature the events, people and happenings that bring colour and life to communities, towns and villages across the country.



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