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    CountryWide Saturday 10 August 2013



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    Tullamore Show

    Darragh McCullough was at the Tullamore Show for Countrywide this morning as preparations go full steam ahead for the Show which takes place tomorrow.


    Side Saddle

    Well we might have thought it was a dainty part of our equestrian history  but they're are still women out there determined to maintain the tradition of riding horses side saddle.

    Our own Martina McGlynn was keen to investigate, she visited Culahill Equestrian Centre in County Laois where Ciara O’ Connell and her friend Hanna were preparing for tomorrow’s side saddle event at the RDS.


    Racing Horse to Riding Horse

    Well we’d be forgiven for thinking that the Dublin Horse Show is a showcase mainly for traditional breeds like the Connemara and Irish Draught. But racehorses also have an opportunity to compete in the Racehorse to Riding-horse competition - where they are retrained to become suitable for leisure riding, eventing or jumping.

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