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    CountryWide Saturday 20 July 2013


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    Avoiding Wasps & Keeping Bees

    Wasps are building up their numbers in nests, some of which will be thousands strong by now. Finding and disturbing one of these nests is dangerous and potentially fatal. Philip McCabe joined Marty live in studio to talk about bee keeping.


    Gorse Fires

    There is a real danger of forest fires and gorse fires with this recent warm weather. Now earlier this week we heard of a Gorse fire in Howth, County Dublin - but in this country, springtime is the actually the season when typically most of the series fires occur. Frances Shanahan reports.


    Countrywide Allotment

    In March of this year Countrywide took over the old Gerry Ryan Show allotment with the help of Grow-It-Yourself enthusiasts the Sandymount and Bath Avenue area in Dublin, earlier this week Sinead Egan caught up with Terry Byrne and Joe Mc Cann as they tended their crops under the blue skies.


    Foster & Allen

    Together as a duo for over 35 years, and still going strong with a hit TV show and autobiography on the way, Foster and Allen are just back from an Australian tour, Mick and Tony joined Marty live in studio to discuss their new tour.

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