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CountryWide Saturday 22 June 2013


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Turf Cutting Championships

It's that time of the year again….tractors, and trailers are making their way from the Bogs of Ireland laiden with turf for the long winter ahead… Most of that turf was machine cut, as has been the practice for decades now – but today in Daingean Co. Offaly we’re stepping back in time and re-introducing the slean !  The National Turf Cutting Championships are taking place today in Daingean, Co. Offaly at 12 noon.

Stramberries in Summer

We all love strawberries in summertime - but many of us ask why don't they taste like they used to? Strawberries are available in Irish supermarkets year round but they are grown in Spain or as far as the US,and cheap imports from Holland have sent many Irish fruit growers out of business.  Food reporter Suzanne Campbell visited John Green in Gorey County Wexford who farms potatoes, soft fruit and has twenty two acres of strawberries under tunnels....


CAP Decisions

The IFA has a strong message for Minister Coveney ahead of the CAP decisions in Luxembourg next week

Gerry Mc Entee

Six months ago today, the sudden and tragic death occurred of Shane McEntee, Junior Minister for Agriculture. Shane had taken his own life.This week, Shane's older brother, former Meath footballer and surgeon Gerry McEntee spoke to Damien about Shane.

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