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    As farmers continue to count the cost of the fodder crises, the good weather this week has allowed them to begin the process of harvesting fodder to see them through next winter. The silage season may be running two or three weeks behind but better late than never as big machines continue to roar into lush green fields across the country this week.

    Frances Shanahan found a bust but happy farmer tending to his field of silage on her travels in Gortanumera Galway this week


    Country Chic Crazy !

    Country style fashion is all the rage at the moment !  Mandy Maher (famer and model)her husband Ger and Ag Science student Enda Rabbitte join Damien to talk about the 'country chic' fashion craze !


    Nutrition for the exams

    Well of course you can always be guaranteed good weather when the Leaving and Junior Cert begins.  This can be a stressful time for students and their families but could their diet actually help calm the nerves.  Gaye Godkin is a nutritionist and she offers some suggestions for the students in your house.



    More Silage

    Summer has arrived and it means the farmers are at last getting some relief from the fodder crises as the first cuts of silage are underway. Contractor Peter Farrelly from Kells in County Meath speaks to Damien


    Killruddery Music

    The KBC Music in Irish Houses festival kicks off this week at Killruddery House in Bray, Co.Wicklow.  Nancy Previs took a tour of the farm and spoke to Lady Meath about the great music in Irish House Festival.

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