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Fodder Crisis Continues

Fodder Crisis Continues

Damien is joined by Peadar O'Scannail, vet from Meath, and by Michael Doran, a beef farmer from Duncormick County Wexford. Sarah Swaddling of Farming Today on BBC Radio 4 fills Damien in on the even more disastrous situation in Britain.


Peadar O'Scanaill is a well known “large animal” vet, in the Meath area.

The Rath, Ashbourne, Co Meath

Tel : 018 351900

Veterinary Ireland :

Young Farmer of the Year

Young Farmer of the Year

The Teagasc FBD young farmer of the year winner was announced at a reception in Dublin during the week. This is a competition which recognises the best of the next generation of farmers in Ireland. Brian Lally went along to find out who had won.  


Nurseries Fair

Nurseries Fair

According to Bord Bia, the outdoor and flowering plants market in Ireland for 2011/2012 was worth €112 million. Nanci Previs ventured out early one weekend to see what goes on at the Irish Specialist Nurseries Fair, a small but rapidly growing niche. It was a bitterly cold April morning but that didn’t stop the devotees coming out in their droves.. As hardy as their plants, these gardeners.

Camolin Potting Shed, Bolinaspick, Camolin, Co Wexford


Bord Bia

Web :

Peppermint Farm & Garden, Toughraheen, Bantry, Co. Cork


Irish Specialist Nurseries Association

Protest Against Live Animal Exports

Protest Against Live Animal Exports

Another live shipment of 3,000 weanlings were exported to Libya last week. This follows a similar shipment of young bulls to North Africa in February.

Ireland also exports calves to destinations in Europe including Spain and Italy.

While farmers welcome this competition in the cattle trade, the national animal rights association don’t. They call the live export trade shocking and disgusting and they blame the Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney and protested outside his department on Tuesday for allowing the re-opening of the live trade with Libya.

We asked the department of agriculture to provide a spokesman but they declined. However they did issue us with a statement saying that

Ireland has a strict system of transport rules in respect of both national and international journeys. The current Irish regulation in relation to the approval of ships for livestock transport is set higher than that which applies in other EU Member States.

The Department has no jurisdiction in relation to standards of slaughter plants in other countries and it cannot interfere with such legitimate trade and legitimate competition, but it does seek to ensure that any such trade is carried out to a high standard.

The shipment of 2882 cattle from Ireland arrived safe and well in Libya and there were no injuries or mortalities.”

The Importance of Beef & Sheep Farming to the Irish Economy

The Importance of Beef & Sheep Farming to the Irish Economy

Did you know that there are 6.6 million cattle and 4.8 million sheep in Ireland.

Beef and sheep holdings account for two out of every three farms in the country.

This prompted the IFA to commission Alan Renwick Professor of Agriculture and Food economics in UCD to put together a report on the importance of beef and sheep farming to the Irish economy.

What he found is that they employ 100,000 full time jobs, they operate in areas where no other farming type would be viable.

Overall it’s a five billion euro sector with a strong multiplier effect. This means that for every euro produced on these farms, multiples of that euro is generated locally.

Frances Shanahan has been to a such a town in the west to find out just how dependent local business is on the hard earned money of the local sheep and beef farmer.

Pilgrim Hill

Pilgrim Hill

Pilgrim Hill is a raw poignant tale which no doubt mirrors the social challenges faced by many farmers and other rural dwellers across the country.

Darragh McCullough of Ear to the Ground and the Farming Independent has been to see it and joins Damien to review it.

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