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    Earlier in the year, RTÉ Radio 1 staged a week-long comedy festival featuring stand-up, panel shows and comedy acts. Everything was recorded live at the Project Arts Centre  and  produced in association with grintageireland.com and funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.

    First up for broadcast from the Showhouse is a two-part show by Colm O'Regan.

    Colm O’Regan Wants a Word... in Private was broadcast on RTÉ Radio 1, Monday May 2nd and Colm O'Regan Wants a Word in Public will be broadcast on June 6th at 1.30pm.

    Another in the Comedy Showhouse series, the six-part panel show Don’t Quote Me! with host Sean Hughes and Karl Spain, Al Porter, Fiona Looney and Andrew Maxwell will air in July 2016.


    Callan's Kicks Friday 4 October 2013


    Callan's Kicks

    Oliver Callan returns with his weekly satirical swipe at well-known faces in the worlds of entertainment, politics and sport.

    Callans Kicks Full Programme

    In this week's episode, Sinead O'Connor writes to Miley Cyrus, Eamon Dunphy writes, Love/Hate returns with James Reilly while Cousin Matthews departs FG in Downturn Abbey.

    Labour Pains

    Eamon and Joan are fighting like a warring couple.


    Enda Kenny is hidden in the bowels of FG HQ as he concerns himself more with photobombing than tackling any actual issues.

    Downturn Abbey

    Noonan as Lord Grantham heralds cuts to save the estate while the Dowager Taoiseach is delighted to see the back of Cousin Matthews

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