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Arts Tonight Monday 18 March 2013

The most recent series of Arts Tonight has now concluded. Podcasts of all the programmes in this recent series, as well as previously broadcast Arts Tonight  programmes,  are available here.  

Arts Tonight 18 March 2013

Arts Tonight 18 March 2013

Vincent Woods meets actress Marie Mullen on her home ground of NUI Galway to talk about Druid, Galway and a life in theatre. Included is an extract from an RTÉ Radio Drama on One production of John McGahern's The Power of Darkness produced by Kevin Reynolds, featuring Marie Mullen with Cathy Belton.

Arts Tonight podcast 18 March: Marie Mullen

Actress Marie Mullen interviewed at her old alma mater, NUI Galway, with a student audience

Coming up on 25 March 2013

Coming up on 25 March 2013

"How can this art form which logically seems preposterous, inspire such emotion?" The story of opera is explored on Monday's Arts Tonight, with Roger Parker, co-author, with Carolyn Abbate, of A History of Opera: The Last 400 Years (Penguin). We also drop in on rehearsals for Opera Briefs, a Royal Irish Academy of Music collaboration with the Lir, the National Acadamy of Dramatic Art at Trinity College Dublin, on a double bill of Benjamin Britten's Phaedra and Jake Heggie's For a Look or a Touch. The production, which runs from 25-27 March, 2013, at the Lir, is directed by Gavin Quinn and features singers Imelda Drumm and Owen Gilhooly and actor Daniel Reardon. See

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