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Arts Tonight Monday 28 January 2013

The most recent series of Arts Tonight has now concluded. Podcasts of all the programmes in this recent series, as well as previously broadcast Arts Tonight  programmes,  are available here.  

Arts Tonight: Dennis O'Driscoll Remembered

Arts Tonight: Dennis O'Driscoll Remembered

'...Someone today is seeing the world for the last time

as innocently as he had seen it first'

A programme for the much-missed poet Dennis O'Driscoll, who died suddenly last month, recorded in Studio 8 in the Radio Centre, RTÉ, with an audience of his family and friends.

As well as the voice of Dennis O’Driscoll himself in extracts from the RTÉ Radio One archive, including readings of his poems Prologue and The Conformist Village, we hear, variously, memories, reflections, critical analysis, stories, and readings of his poems from poets Séamus Heaney, Éiléan Ní Chuilleanáin, Gerard Smyth, Joseph Woods, Aidan Mathews, Ellen Hinsley, Pat Boran, Peter Sirr and Mary O’Donnell; poet and editor Peter Fallon (Gallery Press); editors Peter Jay (Anvil Press), Nuala Mulcahy (Hibernia), Michael Wiegers (Copper Canyon Press); painter Martin Gale; Fingal County Manager David O’Connor, who was a childhood friend of the poet’s in Thurles; Adrian Moynes, former editor of RTÉ Radio One; Patrick Lannan, director of the Lannan Foundation; poet Thomas McCarthy, who reads his poem for Dennis O’Driscoll, Between Trains, and Julie O’Callaghan, who closes the programme with a reading from her husband Dennis’s poem, Time Enough.

Music: reflecting Dennis O'Driscoll's love of early church music, in studio, Crux Vocal Ensemble (Paul McGough, Ernest Dines, Morgan Crowley) sing Sanctus et Benedictus and Salve Regina.

And we hear an extract from another piece Dennis liked, Raftery's Mary Hynes performed by the late Liam Clancy.

Dennis O’Driscoll’s most recent collection of poetry is Dear Life (2012), published by Anvil Press. Anvil will publish his Michael Hamburger Reader later in 2013 and Gallery Press will publish his book of critical essays, The Outnumbered Poet, this year also.

Crux Vocal Ensemble will be performing occasionally at St Mary's Church, Haddington Road, Dublin 4.  see 


Arts Tonight 28 January 2013: podcast: Dennis O'Driscoll remembered

Arts Tonight 28 January 2013: podcast: Dennis O'Driscoll remembered

A programme for the late poet Dennis O'Driscoll, with contributions from Seamus Heaney and many more poets, editors, critics, friends and family

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