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Arena Wednesday 26 March 2014

coming up on Wednesday's show.....playwright Stacey Gregg explores our relationship with technology in the Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival, Helen Sedgwick, author of "The Comet Seekers", the ethereal music of Farah Elle and the new Irish film "A Date For Mad Mary"



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LittleThing, Big Thing

LittleThing, Big Thing is a new play from the Fishamble: The New Play Company. The story follows Larry and Martha as they travel across Ireland. It's written by Donal O'Kelly.

Simone Felice

Simone Felice is a Catskills singer who helped launch the new wave of alt Americana in the band The Felice Brothers. He has now brought out his second solo album 'Strangers'.

Sonya Kelly Essay

Sonya Kelly is a playwright and comic and she's also a regular contributor here on Arena. Sonya has rather a unique method of eating apples....

Joao Almino

Joao Almino is a Brazilian author whose novel,The Book Of Emotions, has been longlisted for the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award. One of a collection of novels called The Brazilia Quintet, The Book of Emotions'focuses on the story of a man called Cadu who is also the narrator. The Book Of Emotions by Joao Almino is published by Dalkey Archive.

Irish Mammies

This weekend is Mother's Day, and to mark the annual holiday, our reporter Abie Philbin Bowman has been looking into the unlikely resurgence of the Irish Mammy in comedy... and she divides the critics, but there is no getting away from one Agnes Brown.

Music Played on the Show


Title: Wandering Star

Composer: Barrow/gibbons/oskar/goldstein/dickerson/brown/allen/scott/jordan/miller

Performer(s): Portishead

Album: Dummy Go Beat 8285222

Duration: 5:05


Title: Molly-O

Composer: Simone Felice

Performer(s): Simone Felice

Duration: 3:18


Title: Running Through My Head

Composer: Simone Felice

Performer(s): Simone Felice

Album: Strangers Team Love Not Available

Duration: 4:26



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