Thursday 21st February

LGBTQI tours of the National Gallery

Kay Sheehy took a tour of the National Gallery with Kate Drinane, looking at a variety of paintings in the gallery with links to the LGBTQI community Further details:   www.nationalgallery.ie

Wednesday 20th February

"Resurrection" by Les Levine at IMMA

Les Levine explains the works he chose to include in his exhibition "Resurrection: 1972-2016", taken during his time in Belfast and Derry in 1972; it is currently on show at ...

Tuesday 19th February

Visual art reviews - "Prism" at Glucksman and Canova casts at Crawford

Cristín Leach reviews two visual art exhibitions in Cork - "Prism: The Art and Science of Light" at the Glucksman and the collection of Antonio Canova casts at the Crawford ...

Thursday 14th February

"Inscriptions (One Here Now)", an artwork by Ailbhe Ní Bhriain at VISUAL Carlow

Ailbhe Ní Bhriain, creator of "Inscriptions (One Here Now)", a film installation shot in a limestone quarry responding to a long-hidden work of artist Brian O'Doherty; it is currently running ...

Wednesday 13th February

Review: "The Keeper-To Have and To Hold" at the Model Sligo

Brian Leyden reviews the group exhibition "The Keeper-To Have and To Hold" at the Model Sligo Full details:   http://themodel.ie/

"BND", a new spoken-word magazine to the Irish market

Melissa Ridge, creative director and co-founder of "BND", a new spoken-word magazine to the Irish market Official website:   https://boundlessandbare.com/bnd/

Wednesday 6th February

"The Architecture of Coexistence: The Shrines of the Alids in Medieval Syria", the Chester Beatty Annual Lecture 2019

Dr Stephennie Mulder who will give the 2019 Annual Lecture at the Chester Beatty Library tomorrow night on the conservation of Islamic cultural heritage sites endangered by war in countries ...

Thursday 24th January

Review: "Bill Viola/Michelangelo: Life, Death, Rebirth" at the Royal Academy London

Maev Kennedy reviews "Bill Viola/Michelangelo: Life, Death, Rebirth", a major exhibition at the Royal Academy London Full details:   www.royalacademy.org.uk

Wednesday 23rd January

"Armed Men", an exhibition by Mick O'Dea at the Tipperary Excel

Mick O'Dea, whose exhibition "Armed Men" marks the centenary of commemoration; it is now showing at the Tipperary Excel Gallery  

Tuesday 22nd January

"Finnegan's Woke", an exhibition at Rua Red Gallery

Cat Phillipps and Peter Kennard, creators of "Finnegan's Woke", a mixed-media exhibition at Rua Red Gallery addressing what they see as the hypocrisy and greed that is driving world politics today ...



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