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Aoibhinn and Company Sunday 15 September 2013

Aoibhinn and Company with Paul Durcan

This week, Aoibhinn's interview is with poet Paul Durcan.

Paul has deep connections to four places in the world - his native city of Dublin; his parent's home county of Mayo; London and Paris.

Paul reads The Haymaker and explains to Aoibhinn the importance of County Mayo in his life. His aunt and maternal grandmother were important women in his childhood. And to this day, the sight of Croagh Patrick gives him a feeling of home.

Paul describes his early interest in writing which began at home in Dublin. He describes how he writes while reclining. He recalls his parents and the relationship he had with them in childhood, evoked by the music of Delia Murphy.

London is important to Paul too. It was a place he escaped to from the restrictions of life in Ireland. He knew many labourers from Mayo and other counties while living there. His time in London had many difficulties, including time spent in a psychiatric hospital there. But he has many happy memories of being with his young daughters in that city too. But he also realised that he didn't want to grow old there and he and his young family returned to live in Ireland.

Paul first visited France as a teenager and his affection to that country continues until this day and includes Paul's support of the French rugby team even when they are playing against the Irish rugby team!

Paul is known as a fine reader of his own poetry and he explains how a poem has to work on the page and when read aloud. He recalls some of his favourite readings to young school children.

Paul turns 69 this year but adopts the advice of the late John Moriarty and says that time is "only chronological". He reflects on faith, religion and hope.

His music choices are The Blackbird sung by Delia Murphy; Liverpool Lou sung by Dominic Behan and Blowin' in the Wind sung by Bob Dylan


Aoibhinn and Company with Paul Durcan

Aoibhinn talks to Paul Durcan about his life, his poetry and four places that are important to him : Dublin, Mayo, London and Paris

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