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A Living Word Tuesday 17 January 2017

A Living Word is no longer in production. For details of 'A Word in Edgeways', a new scripted reflection series on Rising Time, please visit rte.ie/radio1/edgeways. You can still browse the 'A Living Word' archive here on this page using the calendar function.

A Living Word - 17 January 2017

Fr. Alan Hiliard on fugitives from injustice

About The Show

A Living Word was RTE Radio 1's longstanding two-minute daily meditation from Monday to Friday each week. As its early morning (6:15) and repeat late night (12:58) broadcast times suggest, the roots of the programme reached back to the traditions of Morning Prayer and Compline in Western Christianity; but transmissions ranged from the religious to the reflective along the whole spectrum of human spirituality.



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