Kennedy v Nixon:

We look back at the 1960 Kennedy versus Nixon campaign and ask was Nixon robbed of the presidency?

Guests: Colleen Dube, executive director of the Fulbright Commission and broadcaster, Ryan Tubridy author of JFK in Ireland.

1641 Depositions:

The 1641 Depositions are witness testimonies, mainly by Protestants, concerning their experiences during the rebellion of the Catholic Irish in 1641. A new exhibition at Trinity College Dublin has just opened showcasing a unique body of this material which contains often harrowing accounts of murder, assault, imprisonment, loss of goods and military activity across the country.

The Reverend Ian Paisley talks about the brutal treatment of Protestants by Catholics in 1641.

Psycho anniversary:

The immortal Alfred Hitchcock horror classic, Psycho, this year marks the 50th anniversary of its release in Europe.

Psycho is one of the most influential and memorable horror films in the history of cinema. It shocked audiences in America, caused huge controversy in Europe and was banned in Ireland when it was submitted here in 1960. The Irish Film Censor at the time deemed it unsuitable not just for a general audience but even for an adult one.

All these years later, we get a perspective on the time and the significance of Psycho from Steven Benedict, lecturer at the National Film School and Grainne Humphries, director of the Jameson Dublin Film Festival.

History of the Marathon

The origins of the Marathon – separating fact from fiction.

Guests: Cyril White, sports sociologist and Dr. Suzanne O’Neill, research associate and academic at TCD who also lectures in Greek and Roman art, architecture and history.