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The Swede at the Centre

Today's Irish Times leads with the details of letters between Brian Lenihan and Jean-Claude Trichet. The letters reveal that the ECB president applied pressure to the Irish Government to apply for a bailout, or risk funding being cut from our banks. Yesterday, we caught up with the new Chief Economist of the Irish Central Bank, Lars Frisell, and spoke to him about the causes, culprits and cures of the Irish financial crisis.

Football Fever

If you've been around Dublin over the last few days, it's been hard not to notice thousands and thousands of Navy and Notre Dame football fans making their presence felt. They're here for the Emerald Isle Classic, which hasn't been held in Ireland for twenty years. We're joined from Temple Bar by reporter Darragh McCullough and two business men who are enjoying the fruits of the American invasion, Robert Nolan, general manager of the Four Seasons and Kevin Arundale, owner of the Chophouse restaurant.

American Connections

There are lots of big American business names in Ireland this week for the game. As well as booking out every gold course on the East coast, they've been busy networking as well. We're joined by two of the high-fliers who are hoping this sporting weekend will bring in some investment opportunities, Brian Clingen of BP Capital, and Kingsley Aikins from Diaspora Matters.

Football and the Free Market

America may be famous for its love of capitalism and free markets, but its football league appears positively socialist in the way it operates. We're joined by two football fans who not only love the game, but also its business structures; journalist with the Irish Independent, Peter Flanagan, and John Fay, columnist with IrishCentral.com.

Guitar Masters

In May of this year, there was much sadness when it was announced that Avalon Guitars was about to enter liquidation. The guitar factory, based in Newtownards outside Belfast, had produced instruments for well-known names such as Van Morrison and Bruce Springsteen. But the owner, Steve McIlwrath, has managed to pull his business back from the brink, and it's due to re-open next week. Liam Geraghty reports.

Space Cadets

America's space hero, Neil Armstrong, was buried this week on a day that coincided with the relatively rare occurrence of a blue moon, a fitting day for a man forever associated with lunar explorations. But his Apollo missions will not only be remembered for their historic achievements, but also the amazing inventions and technology that have emerged as a result. We're joined by two former NASA employees, Peter Gallagher, space scientist at Trinity College Dublin, and from Belfast, Anthony Kieran, director of Media Lightbox to discuss space innovation.