Dylan John Thomas – Feel The Fire https://img.rasset.ie/00076d08-50.jpg

Abba – When You Danced With Me https://img.rasset.ie/00076d08-50.jpg

Ciara O' Neill – La Lunehttp://img.rasset.ie/00076d09-50.jpg

Sinead O’ Brien - Girlkind http://img.rasset.ie/00076d09-50.jpg https://img.rasset.ie/00076d08-50.jpg

Aimée – Linger http://img.rasset.ie/00076d09-50.jpg https://img.rasset.ie/00076d08-50.jpg

Elvis Costello – Magnificent Hurt

Franz Ferdinand – Billy Goodbye https://img.rasset.ie/00076d08-50.jpg

Col Patterson – Heart Listens Out http://img.rasset.ie/00076d09-50.jpg

CMAT – No More Virgos http://img.rasset.ie/00076d09-50.jpg

ROE feat. Ciaran Lavery - Destroyer http://img.rasset.ie/00076d09-50.jpg

Gregory Porter, Troy Millar – Dry Bones https://img.rasset.ie/00076d08-50.jpg

Tolü Makay & Malaki – The Light http://img.rasset.ie/00076d09-50.jpg

The Blizzards- Friction Burns http://img.rasset.ie/00076d09-50.jpg

Lyra – Lose My Mind http://img.rasset.ie/00076d09-50.jpg

RTE Radio 1 Album of the Week Jack O' Rourke - Wild Place