You want to start with three cleaners:

A goddess bath that you'll redo through the clean- sink of warm water and washing up liquid (this is for washing inners of fridge, anything from countertops or cupboards, oven racks etc)

Spritz 1 - 50/ 50 vinegar/ warm water then throw in some bicarb. This is brilliant for kitchen cupboards, around the bin, sink, surfaces. Anything that holds an odour, needs dirt to be lifted. Natural girls that are non toxic but powerful cleaners

Spritz 2 - warm water and washing up liquid. This is great for sticky surfaces, its WU liquid can break down grease really well, so think extractor, tiles, splash back etc.

Go through your tea towels and anything worse for wear can be used as cleaning rags.

And don't forget microfibre cloths as these can remove 99% of bacteria from surfaces (designed with a charge that lifts dirt etc etc etc)

Have bicarb and vinegar to hand. Cleaning section in large supermarkets have the massive sizes.

There are Five stages of a spring clean

1. Empty & Vacuum. You'll probably need to do another later but this first one means you wont be moving dirt around as you clean. Empty your cupboards, cutlery drawer, everything except your fridge. Get into the back of cupboards, cracks, along tops, corners…. Its moths season so you want to make sure you’re getting right in there.

2. Now note your exits:

Sink drain you can do at the end, bicarb, vinegar, hot water to loosen and refresh

Drain in fridge: wipe down

Extractor fan: two filters, absolute ROTTEN and no one ever does it

Bins: use your spritz, coat the bottom with bicarb and leave overnight to neutralise

Dishwasher filter: wash

3. Appliances: never clean with anything you wouldn't put on a plate!

4. The big wipe down

5. The rearrange


Fridge: Cooler bag (I leave it in the fridge as long as I can)

· Shelves to soak. Large shelves can be spritzed and wiped. Don't forget even those strips on the glass come off and they are vile. You're in for a nice surprise if you've never cleaned under them *faints*

· Spritz with vinegar mix to neutralise odours, lift dirt and bacteria.

· Warm water and a cloth for the rubber seals. Mon Dieu if you have pets.


· Racks out and in to soak. Your manual and youtube will tell you how to take off fixed racks, be careful if taking off door, its not a must. Can be a disaster as it flings up leading to smashes.

· Give it a 'brush' with a dry rag to pull our loose dirt (I used my phone torch to light my way)

· Then make a paste similar to wallpaper paste with bicarb and water. Don't use harsh chemicals. Its toxic and not the 80s. (fill your gaps with something like foil to avoid dripping in there and avoid touching things like elements etc. Coat the inside. You'll start to see it turn brown as it lifts the dirt. Make sure all metals ivolved are ok

· Leave this for as long as you can, hours. Then you'll spray down with the vinegar water mix and clean it all off

· A non scratch scraper will also be a gift here.


· Wipe down… the hinges with warm soapy water here.

· Hot cycle with viagra and bicarb. Inspect your spray arms and use a dental brush to clear out. This really affects cleaning.

· Rinse aid adjustment, salt top up etc

The big Wipe:

· Inside cupboards are fine with a spritz and wipe. If any have a strong odour you don't like, Cup of bicarb over night.

· Tiles. Cut through grease with the WU liquid/ water and then use the other spritz.

· Extractor fan will be absolutely vile. Delicious. She'll need a good degreasing.

The Rearrange:

Read the section on kitchen triangle in Décor Galore, to know where to put everything back. Before you do it, group items. You could see you have 6 spatulas, cull! Don't just throw it all back.


Tea Towels: Most tea towels have a funny odour. It's life. Put all on a hot wash with a half cup of bicarb in the drum and a cup of vinegar in the drawer. Smells gone.

Sink: use a lemon to descale, or vinegar, buff with a microfibre.

Mop etc: Soak in vinegar and water then wring out

Kettle: Overnight vinegar and water, don't forget spout and to tell people




· A clean will work wonders: grease off, toothpaste and bicarb paste, scrub. Should brighten

Renter Friendly and low budget

· Grout marker. White and bright

· Decals: peel off pattern to hide rotters of tiles

If you can adjust the property with no worries

· Grout paint can cover and give a more vintage lewk

· Paint the tiles (Preppppppp well) don't forget you'll have to paint the grout as well so go for a colour that will be good as a block.

· New silicone!! HEAVEN!!!! The absolute joy of a fresh bead.

· Sheeting… can be tricky but good if you're ripping out


· Be careful … you can vinyl wrap but it doesnt last a long time. Terrazzo trending more than marble now BTW. Get a big butcher block to keep it lasting longer.

· You can stain wood too

· Youre better off working with a counter top than masking. Pinterest the description of the counter and see it done well for inspo. What wall colours etc


· Change handles. MEASURE!

· Cover dated details. Eg a contrasting kickstand back to white

· Painting . Easy when done properly. Can run though it in 4 lines. Don't forget to consider white goods when picking colour.

· Taking doors off and painting inside a deep colour. Perfect for glassware and nice crockery. As far away from hob as you can manage to avoid lots of grease. This can draw the eye right in to it. Navys and greens can look great on wood lewk kitchen.

· Lights under cupboards - battery operated. DIVINE!!! Is your extractor bulb working?

Bigger spend:

· Swapping out your tap can make a massive difference. Going from old to a tall spray head can modernise.

· Hobs. Have a week look around, you can pick them up quite cheaply and sometimes second hand when someone has done a reno (make sure its in FWO)

· Sink: these are standard sizes and easy to slot a new one in

If you absolutely hate your kitchen and can do nothing that costs or alters: deep clean, wash window dress, do the kitchen triangle, remove and store anything that isnt gorge from on counters or above cupboards. This full reset should be done before you do anything to be honest as it gives you the perfect perspective for changes.