Listen Back This week, Miriam O Callaghan interviews poet Gabriel Rosenstock and his nephew comedian Mario Rosenstock.

Mario recalls his childhood when he spent a lot of time with his uncles, including Gabriel, playing cards, especially poker. This was a passion they shared until Gabriel stopped playing some years ago.

Gabriel explains how the Rosenstock name arrived in Ireland when his mother, from Galway, fell in love with a young medical student in the Wehrmacht, the Germany armed forces while they were both working in Jersey during the Second World War. They returned to Ireland after the War with two young sons, Paschal and Michael. Gabriel was the first of their children born in Ireland. There were six children in all.

Paschal is Mario's father, Michael was tragically drowned aged seventeen. Gabriel reflects on the impact this experience had on his parents and on himself. He explains his interest in eastern religions and how these beliefs allow him feel that his brother Michael is still near.

Mario explains how important it was for him as a young person to have the influence of his uncle in his life - a person who chose to do the thing he loved in life.

Both uncle and nephew went to boarding school but they had a different experience of this. Gabriel found it more challenging. But it was in boarding school that Mario discovered his love for acting. Mario also tells Miriam how important his maternal grandmother was both because she nurtured his love of radio and more importantly, his self belief.

Gabriel is a distinguished poet and translator and explains to Miriam the richness that the Irish language has brought to his life. Mario dropped out of Irish at school, but is ever grateful to Gabriel who helps him translate some of this character into the Irish language. Among Gabriel's other projects is the translation of Bob Dylan's songs into Irish.

Mario is opening in his stage show at Dublin's Olympia Theatre on November 14, 2011 and describes his nerves before a big opening night like that.