Presented by Sean Rocks

Book Review - Emma Donoghue

Tonight's book review is 'Astray' the new collection of short stories from Emma Donoghue. The Publishers are Picador.

Edel Coffey reviews 'Astray' with Sean Rocks.

Photographer Rich Gilligan

Irish Photographer Rich Gilligan has just published a new book of his work called 'DIY'. The book depicts DIY skateparks that skateboarders themselves have built. The website is

Evelyn O'Rourke from Bushy Park skatepark in Dublin.


A regular item where a figure from the world of arts or entertainment chooses something they 'Love'.

Author TC Boyle chooses the saxophone playing of John Coltrane. TC Boyle's latest novel 'San Miguel' is Published by Little Brown.

Poetry - Catherine Phil MacCarthy

'The Invisible Threshold' is the latest collection from poet Catherine Phil MacCarthy. The Publishers are Dedalus Press.

Catherine Phil MacCarthy joins Sean Rocks and reads from her collection.

Classic Movie

Tonight's Classic Movie is 'Charade' starring Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant. 'Charade' has been described as 'a screwball comedy crossed with North by Northwest'. The film was Directed in 1963 by Stanley Donen.

Shawn Levy discusses 'Charade' with Sean Rocks.