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School Watch

Hello and welcome to "School Watch". Each week a different animal and plant will be highlighted with some unusual facts and figures. Although anyone can read and enjoy these weekly articles, we hope that teachers may make use of the information in class along with their students. At the end of each piece are 10 questions. The answers to these questions can be found with the passage. Please feel free to copy the articles and print them out.

Note for teachers:
Why not use "School Watch" with your class on a regular basis. If you have internet access you can log on and view each plant or animal during class. When finished you can then scroll down to the questions and use these as a means of revision. Otherwise, you can print off the information on each species along with the questions and allow your students to do them as an exercise. Alternatively, you might like to use "School Watch" as a quiz session to encourage an interest in natural history with your students. Whatever way you choose to use it, all we hope is that you enjoy it.

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