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Rowan Byrne

Rowan is 31 and has been on Dominica for 4 years. It is a remote and rugged terrain and he needs his 4x4 to get around. He works for the Forestry and Wildlife Parks. He gets home to Ireland once a year.

Pirates Of The Caribbean was filmed there, and he was an advisor with the production - met Kiera Knightly, Orlando Bloom etc.

Huge turnaround in local interest: last year the beach would have been a dangerous place to be - muggers etc, now 300 people turn up regularly to see the turtles.

He would spend 4 nights a week on the beach - tagging, surveying etc. Some of the turtles grow to 5 ˝ feet shell length (170 cm)

Why does he do it?

The awe and wonder of nature. He wants people to see what he sees: boa constrictors, dolphins, leatherback turtles, sperm whales, etc.

He has a big event on July 16th: returning turtle hatchlings to the sea.

Visit his website www.marinecreatures.com for more

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