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Margaret Browne

Nettle, Garlic and deep fried Ginger Soup

Why eat Nettles as part of a recipe?
Nettles are traditionally eaten in April and May to allegedly detox the blood and clear the clogged up system after the long winter.

They are also thought to help arthritis sufferers who rub them to their skin, and they are thought to reduce pain.

First gather the nettles in a clean environment free from sprays and pollution and only use the top 5 leaves. Wear gloves while gathering them.


  • 2 potatoes
  • 2 onions
  • Clove of garlic(crushed)
  • Salt and pepper
  • teaspoon nutmeg
  • 2 drops of Tabasco sauce (it gives the soup a kick)
  • A big bunch of nettles
  • Enough stock made with organic chicken stock cube to cover the potatoes and onion mixture
  • Piece of stem ginger
  • Greek yogurt
  • All soups are so simple to make and realistically no need for weighing up ingredients just follow the basic recipe by putting the potatoes onions and garlic into a saucepan which you cook off slowly in a little butter then season with salt and pepper and nutmeg then add stock just enough to cover the potato and onion mixture and allow to cook.

  • Then add the chopped nettles and cook for a little while longer until the nettles are real mushy
  • Then liquidize mixture
  • At this stage it is easy to gauge how much more stock is needed depending on the consistency you require just keep on adding stock until you have the consistency that you love
  • Add the Tabasco sauce but be careful as it is hot stuff
  • Meanwhile slice the ginger into thin sticks
  • Fry off very quickly for about 10 seconds and dry on kitchen paper Taste the soup!
  • Adjust seasoning if necessary
  • Serve in pretty white bowls
  • Top with ginger pieces and a swirl of greek yoghurt.

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