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Here are some of the recipes featured on the programme so far:

Fruit Soda Cake - Margaret Browne

Thanksgiving! - Ellie Carlson

Thyme-pickled Shallots - Margaret Browne

Salad Dressing - Margaret Browne

BBQ - Margaret Browne

Nettle, Garlic, and deep fried Ginger Soup - Margaret Browne

Scones in a jiffy - Margaret Browne

Chickpea, Goats Cheese and Rocket Salad - Margaret Browne

A charming Rhubarb, Lemongrass, and Clove Fool - Margaret Browne

Goats cheese Ice Cream with 2 Sauces - Kevin Mac Namidhe

Scallops wrapped in smoked salmon with citrus dill sauce - Kevin Mac Namidhe

Summer Bisque (Cauliflower with Red Peppers) - Kevin Mac Namidhe

Hardanger Fjørd Surprise - Anton Newman-Riley

Reindeer Haunch - Anton Newman-Riley

Norwegian Gravlaks (Marinated Salmon) Basket - Anton Newman-Riley

Polenta & Apple Cake with a glass of Vin Santo - Ian Byrne

Saltimbocca with Basil Mash - Ian Byrne

Spaghetti with Prawns and Rocket - Ian Byrne

Simnel Cake - Margaret Browne

Hot Cross Buns - Margaret Browne

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies - Caroline Hennessy

Chocolate Brownies - Caroline Hennessy

Choc Chip Cranberry Cookies - Caroline Hennessy

Lemon & Pistachio Yoghurt Cake - Caroline Hennessy

Pancakes and Fillings - Kevin Dundon

Pomegranate Quickie - Margaret Browne

Mulled Wine - Margaret Browne

Winter Leek and Potato Soup - Margaret Browne

Apple-maple pandowdy - Jenny Bristow

Baked Hake with tomato, herb and pine nut dressing - Margaret Browne

Beef and Horseradish Salad - Margaret Browne

Broomstick Pumpkin Kebabs with Roasted Pepper Relish - Jenny Bristow

Thai Pumpkin Soup - Jenny Bristow

Cake Café Cupcakes - Michelle Dermody

Colcannon - Margaret Browne

Pork, Sage and Ginger Beer Casserole - Margaret Browne

BBQ Suggestions - Margaret Browne

Perfect Pancakes - Margaret Browne

Recipes - Paul McBride

Heavenly Chocolate Cake - Margaret Browne

Christmas Pudding - Margaret Browne

Chocolate Cake Muffins - Derek O'Brien/ Anne Marie Dunne

Spiced Pumpkin Soup - Eamon Mullins

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