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Birdwatch Ireland
BirdWatch Ireland, Ireland’s leading bird conservation organisation, has been running a survey of our garden birds for many years. Doing this simple survey is a great way to get to know “your” birds and also helps in their conservation at a national level without leaving your own home! Why not write to them or visit their web site at:

Better still why not join them and receive their quarterly magazine packed with information on Irish birds. There is even a kids’ section with puzzles and competitions.

There are many books on birds but only a few that deal with Irish birds and garden birds in particular. I would recommend any or all of the following...


Bird Life in Ireland
Irelands Garden Birds
"Irelands Garden Birds"

(The CollinsPress)

by Oran O' Sullivan & Jim Wilson



Pocket Guide to the Common Birds of Ireland
The Complete Guide to Irelands Birds
"The Complete Guide to Irelands Birds"

(Gill& MacMillan)

by Eric Dempsey and Michael O’Cleary

(a more general guide to Irish Birds)

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