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Engine Restoration.

We recently received this e-mail from one of our listeners, Fiacc O'Brolchain, about an engine he is trying to restore:

'I am currently restoring a fine piece of industrial heritage, a 1904 engine. Someone who started to re-build it a few years ago must have given up or lost heart in the project, and I would really like to contact them and/or find the missing parts.

The engine started its life making electricity in Dockerells in D'Oilier St in Dublin, in 1912 it was moved to Glencree as the electricity generator for the military barracks that later became the Industrial School that in turn became the Centre for Reconciliation.

I planned a restoration that would see this fine piece of industrial archaeology on show as a working engine in Glencree, where it worked on a daily basis for over 70 years.

My problem is that someone removed some parts of the engine, while it was still in Glencree. I believe that this was in a similar bid to my own, to restore it, but that they gave up for whatever reason and left no trace of where they can be found.
The engine is currently in my workshop, just down the road from you in Donnybrook, and I have restored it as far as I can without the missing parts.

Before I start the very long and complex process of making the missing parts, I believe that it would be well worth putting out an appeal, through your programme, to see if anyone might find my missing person and parts.

I attach a photo of the engine as I found it and as it is today, but if you want to come around and have a look you and the team would be most welcome.'

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