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Tuesday, October 9th 2012

On today's Mooney, with Aonghus McAnally,

We talk to the woman who posted 20 status updates and 15 pictures on her Facebook page during childbirth, psychologist David Carey on the benefits of office gossip, we learn about Ireland's Northern Lights, and why there is an increase in female employment in Saudi Arabia!

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Lipdub For Big Music Week!

Next Monday, October 15th, sees the start of RTÉ's Big Music Week, Ireland's biggest, most varied, most accessible music festival! To celebrate and launch the event, a Libdub was filmed in the grounds of RTÉ - a spectacular, one-take video with groups and stars lip-syncing to Brewing Up A Storm - click below to be amazed!


Facebook Birth

The pictures that you see here are of one of our guests today. Her name is Kirsty Martell and the pictures were taken before and after she gave birth last month.

‘How on earth did you get such pictures?’, you might say. Well the pictures are taken (with Kirsty’s permission, we might add) from her Facebook page.

As Kirsty went into labour she kept friends and followers up to date with every detail of baby Elliott’s labour, from beginning to end, using photos and status updates.

So is facebooking your baby’s birth great use of new technology? Or a step too far? You can text us to 51551, email mooney@rte.ie or call 1850 715 900 (between 3pm & 4.30pm). Elliot’s Mum, Kirsty Martell, joins Aonghus on the line from her home in Haughton-Regis in the UK to explain why she chose to document Elliot's birth on Facebook...

Office Gossip Is Good For You!

Do you ever feel guilty that chatting with your co-workers at the water cooler about the weekend's The X Factor or Strictly... is impacting on your work? Or that whispered juicy gossip you heard about a colleague, who is secretly having a fling with another colleague?! Well, fear no more! New research in the Netherlands claims that office gossip can be a good thing in terms of strengthening work place friendships! Brenda Donohue went out and about to find out how much people gossip at work, about what, and if they feel it makes them better workers, and Aonghus is joined in studio today by David Carey, psychologist at the Owen Connolly Counselling Centre in Stillorgan, Dublin...

Ireland's Northern Lights

Back in March, “Mooney on Tour” broadcast from the Linenhall Arts Centre in Castlebar. And one of our guests was electrician Brian Wilson who’s an amateur photographer. He takes beautiful images of the night-sky and particularly enjoys photographing the “Aurora Borealis” or the “Northern Lights”. But he doesn’t go to Iceland to get these shots. He usually stands at his front door in Glengad near Pullathomas!

Well since he appeared on the show he’s been keeping us posted with Irish Aurora updates. According to Brian the last two weeks have been full of Aurora activity. And this morning he sent through some beautiful shots taken during a Geomagnetic Storm near the Céide Fields Visitor Centre last night – and we just had to share them with you!

Female Employment In Saudi Arabia

If you ever doubted that Saudi Arabia was a male dominated society then these stats will set you right. 45% of the country’s population of 28 million are female, but women make up only 15% of the workforce. And that’s despite the fact that over half of all Saudi women have university degrees. But now the government is encouraging more women to enter the workforce. They’ve introduced what’s called a “feminisation” programme which includes replacing men who work in lingerie stores with women. Khalid Alkhudair is the founder of Glowork.net, a recruitment site for women in Saudi Arabia, and joins Aonghus on the line from Riyadh...

The Island Landscape

RTÉ Television, in association with Mooney, is currently producing a major new documentary series on the history of the Irish landscape. The series will tell the story of how our landscape was created after the last major climatic event – the end of the last Ice Age, over ten thousand years ago.  And we want your help! Would you like to contribute video towards the TV series? Click here to find out what we're looking for!

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