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Thursday, November 22nd 2012

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On today's Mooney, with Marty Morrissey,

We have tips on how to reuse and recycle food waste, TV presenter Lorraine Keane tells us why she was blindfolded on a journey through Guatemala, and would you know the difference between good art and bad art – we examine the subject with Irish artist Rasher!

What Is Good Art?

When it comes to art, beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder - and if you think you have an eye for what is good and bad in the art world, Brenda Donohue has the news of a very interesting art sale taking place this evening.

Some of the paintings on view have been painted by complete novices, some by enthusiastic amateurs. And some have been painted by a selection of rather famous household names, which might make their efforts worth a bob or two in the future!

However, all of the paintings at the sale will have one thing in common: they are all on sale for the same price! The only thing is, you won't know the identity of the painter until after they have all sold out! In other words, you won't have a CLUE what you have bought! Apart from the fact that, presumably, you have bought something you actually like!

So, for those of you who are CONVINCED that you can tell a Vincent Van Gogh from a Vincent van-driver ... or a Leonardo da Vinci from a Leonardo DiCaprio ... or a Louis le Broquay from a Louis you-know-who (!) ...

We have a small test for you...

Take a look at these pictures below. Three abstract pictures, in different media, using an array of wonderful colours! All you have to do is identify which of these pictures has been painted by a successful, professional artist. And which of the pictures has featured in an art competition strictly reserved for primary school students!

Painting A:

Painting A

Painting B:

Painting B

Painting C:

Painting C

Which painting do you think is professional? Text 'A', 'B' or 'C' to 51551, and we will bring you the results by the end of the show!

Artist Rasher joins Marty and Brenda in studio to give us his thoughts as to what makes good art - and why? To find out more about Rasher, and view some of his artwork, click here.

The Chernobyl Children's Secret Art Campaign is an exhibition of work by national and international celebrities as well as students from the prestigious art college NCAD. The launch took place at The RHA Gallery in Ely Place Dublin, with the show running from November 21st -25th 2012.

All artists were given paintings materials and a board and were let loose to be as creative and innovative as they could, with one catch - the front of the art must remain anonymous. Famous celebrities and artists include; international designer John Rocha, REM singer Michael Stipe, Spice Girl Mel C, renowned artist Guggi, chart-topper Ed Sheeran and Red Hot Chilli Pepper drummer Chad Smith … to name but a few!

All pictures retailed at the same price of €150 and lucky buyers either got a celebrity picture or an art student's or a famous artist’s painting – luck of the draw!

The exhibition will run until Sunday November 25th, during which time the public can view the display and purchase remaining paintings.

Food Waste

Marty has in studio a few mis-shapen spuds. They’re not the most beautiful-looking things, you definitely wouldn’t see them for sale in a supermarket but they are going to be very tasty in a curry that is being cooked up on Saturday to feed FIVE THOUSAND PEOPLE in Dublin.

Yes, five thousand! And you probably thought you were great if you could feed 10 or 12 people at a dinner party! “Feeding the 5000” is an event that is currently travelling the world, highlighting the problem of food waste.

SafeFood hammered home the message earlier this week that we waste somewhere in the region of 30% of our food – well this event on Saturday will show you how you need never waste food again.
Mindi O’Brien is the Co-Ordinator of the environmental charity VOICE who are one of the charities running the event… It will take place this Saturday, at Wolfe Tone Park in Dublin (at the back of the Jervis Shopping Centre) from 12-5pm.

If you have questions for Mindi about how to re-use food you would have otherwise thrown out you can text them to 51551, e-mail mooney@rte.ie or call 1850 715 900 – or if you have TIPS on how to re-use food please send those in too. And for more, use the hashtag #feeding5kdublin on Twitter!

For more information about VOICE (Voice Of Irish Concern for the Environment), click here.

Lorraine Keane In Guatemala

Can you imagine living in a country where, if you are a woman, you have no voice?  If your baby is stolen and trafficked the police look the other way. If you are beaten or raped there is no one to turn to.

Guatemala has a long history of human rights abuses against women – but there is some hope for the future and Ireland is playing a part in this. Last month Derek spoke to TV’s Lorraine Keane about her upcoming trip to Guatemala with the charity Trócaire. 

Lorraine promised us that when she got there she would call us to tell us about what she is seeing. And true, to her word, Lorraine is on the line from Guatemala in Central America…

Mooney Tunes

Mooney Tunes 7 will take place in the National Concert Hall on December 18th. The show will start at 8 PM, as usual. This concert has already sold out. In fact, it actually sold out on the day Derek announced it, a couple of weeks ago. HOWEVER, we are still looking for suggestions for this concert - pieces of music that you would like included. We've had quite a few e-mails already, but we are always open to hearing new stories, and inventive musical suggestions.

Because of the extraordinary demand for tickets, we've decided to organise a separate concert for the afternoon of the same day, December 18th. A full matinee concert, with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra, and selected performers.

It's going to be a different concert from the evening show, with a different selection of music, and it's going to be just the thing for anybody doing their Christmas shopping in the morning time, in Dublin city centre, and who fancies a fabulous musical diversion in the afternoon!

We will be selecting a different program for the afternoon show. Different from the evening show. There might be a couple of pieces in common, but by and large, distinctive shows.

Mooney Tunes Matinee
• December 18th at 3:30pm
• Prices are €15, €20, €25
• To contact the Box Office call 01 417-0000 or visit www.nch.ie

Send us in your choice of music, and why you would like it to be included, to mooney@rte.ie or to:

RTÉ Radio Centre
Dublin 4

The Island Landscape

RTÉ Television, in association with Mooney, is currently producing a major new documentary series on the history of the Irish landscape. The series will tell the story of how our landscape was created after the last major climatic event – the end of the last Ice Age, over ten thousand years ago.  And we want your help! Would you like to contribute video towards the TV series? Click here to find out what we're looking for!

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