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Mooney Tunes, September 2012

One of the biggest nights of the Mooney calendar is fast approaching! It's the night of Saturday, September 15th, about 10 weeks from now. And it is, of course, the next instalment of our highly successful series of Mooney Tunes concerts. Well, we'll give you plenty of notice of when the tickets go on sale. But first, there is the rather important job of selecting pieces of music for the night!

As you are probably aware, Mooney Tunes has been a wonderful partnership between this show, the RTÉ Concert Orchestra, and YOU, the thousands and thousands of listeners that tune in on a daily basis.

Because the beauty of the concert is that the program is shaped by YOUR suggestions. The programme comes from your stories, your experiences, your letters and e-mails.

And that's exactly what we want you to think about now. If you have a particular piece music that means something to you, put it down in writing and let us know! Over the last three years we've had the most uplifting stories sent to us: stories of love, of friendship, of triumph, of tragedy.... stories that have made us laugh, made us cries, and stories that have simply amazed us.

Now, itís over to you! Send us in your stories and suggestions to mooney@rte.ie or you can write to Mooney, RTÉ Radio Centre, Donnybrook, Dublin 4.