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Thursday, March 8th 2012


Mooney On Tour!

Mooney is on tour in Mayo today, broadcasting live from Castlebar's Linenhall Theatre. Noel Cunningham has more Titanic news, we'll be finding out about growing up with Louis Walsh, Brenda will present another Mooney's Magic Moment - and our special guest is pictured above - can you guess who he is? Hint: he's a singer whose beautiful voice will 'raise you up'!

Brian Kennedy

Our first guest was born Brian Edward Patrick Kennedy. He grew up on the Falls Road in Belfast and became a backing singer for another famous Belfast man, Van Morrison, and their duets were just gorgeous! He represented Ireland at Eurovision in Athens in 2006 with the self-penned “Every Song Is A Cry For Love” which came 10th, and in 2005 he was chosen to sing at George Best’s Funeral and his rendition of his Secret Garden collaboration “You Raise Me Up” cemented his position as one of Ireland’s top singers. Brian Kennedy joins Derek and the audience live in the Linenhall Theatre in Castlebar, Mayo, today... He performs his hits Put The Message In The Box and Four Green Fields.

Brian Kennedy as a boy...

Brian Kennedy as a young man...

Brian Kennedy now!
And Brian Kennedy now!

Mayo's Titanic Connection

As the 100th anniversary of that fateful day the Titanic sank edges closer (April 15th), our “Titanic Correspondent” Noel Cunningham has lost no time driving the highways and byways of Ireland hearing and recounting stories of Ireland’s Titanic connections. He meets villagers from Laherdaun, and the townland of Addergoole within Laherdaun. Fourteen villagers travelled from Laherdaun, which is at the base of Nephin Mountain, to board the Titanic. Eleven died and three survived. Noel meets Dr Paul Nolan, Chairperson of the Addergoole Titanic Society, in the Titanic Memorial Park. And he meets two nuns, Sr Eithne and Sr Raymond, whose mother Margaret was due to board the Titanic, but missed the boat...

'Mooney' reporter Katriona McFadden talks to Noel Cunningham and Dr Paul Nolan, Chairperson of the Addergoole Titanic Society, in the Titanic Memorial Park

For more pictures of Noel meeting those in Mayo with a Titanic connection, click here.

Mooney's Magic Moment

Brenda Donohue names Aisling Geary, charity fundraiser and volunteer in Ghana, as the recipient of Mooney's Magic Moment in Mayo.

Noel Walsh

In the photo below, you’ll see a very famous Mayo family, in particular one family member. Can anyone recognise who it is? They are the “Walsh” family and the celebrity member of that family is of course Louis Walsh, and you can see a young Louis in that photo on the bottom right. But third from the right, on the top row, you’ll see his brother Noel. Noel Walsh came to our attention last week when we announced our Mooney’s Money winner. Noel wasn't available to take our call, and it was only when we spoke to him the following day that we found out about his famous brother! Noel's a Mayo man who has created his own wind energy farm, so we invited him along today to find out a bit more ... and of course to get the gossip on growing up with Louis!

Walsh Family
The Walsh Family

Castlebar's Aurora

If you click on the link of at the slide-show below, you can see some beautiful night-sky images. The colours are fantastic, pink and red and green and they can quite easily be identified as the Northern Lights or “Aurora Borealis”. Derek has been trying to see the Northern Lights in Iceland for some years now, but our next guest took these gorgeous pictures in Mayo! He's amateur photographer Brian Wilson, from Glengad near Pullathomas, and he joins Derek and the audience in Castlebar to talk us through his photos...

Click here to see Brian's photo slideshow:

Mooney's Thursday Quiz

Bernadette Bergin, Therese O’Connor, and Tony McHale are the three audience members who aim to beat the clock - and Katriona McFadden's fiendishly tricky general knowledge questions - to win One4All vouchers!

Theatre Events

The programme is being broadcast today live from The Linenhall Arts Centre in Castlebar, Co. Mayo. The Centre has been in it's present location since 1986, although the Arts Centre goes back a previous ten years to that! Marie Farrell is the Director of The Linenhall Arts Centre, and she explains to Derek and the audience a little bit about the history of the Centre. Click here to visit The Linenhall Arts Centre's website.

Save The Wave

On last Monday's show, we talked about the various e-petitions that have been presented to the British Government, and we launched our own petition to Save The Wave - click here to sign the petition.

Win €3000 with Mooney's Money!

Today, you can win €3000 by playing Mooney's Money! Just answer a simple question by phone or text for your chance to win. Click here to find out today's question...

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