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Monday, November 21st 2011

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Same Sex Rings

The Irish wedding industry is being given a financial boost from the new civil partnership ceremonies. Businesses are being set up to cater specifically for these celebrations in the hope that same sex couples will out spend their heterosexual counterparts.

So far, over 470 civil partnerships have been performed in Ireland and a further 600 couples have given notice three months notice of their intension to be united in civil partnership.

Well Brenda visited a jewellery shop in Dublin which specialises in same sex wedding bands.

The website is samesexrings.ie and the prices range from 200 - 700 euro.

For more information: Click Here

Bra Sizes

The female employees of a Swedish branch of a Scandinavian lingerie chain, displays both bust circumferences and cup sizes underneath their nametags! ‘Change’ is the name of the store and it is a Danish lingerie chain with 150 stores in 11 countries in Europe, North America and the Middle East. Claus Jensen is the CEO of Change and he talks to Derek from Copenhagen.

For more information: Click Here

The website Derek mentioned where you can find your bra size using a measuring tape is www.85b.org

Philip McCabe - Christmas Shopping Advice

It’s almost that time of the year again when thoughts turn to buying Christmas presents..what to get for your parents or Uncle John or even Aunt Mary that you don’t really like!! This year more than ever, people will be very careful choosing when what they buy and what they spend. Philip McCabe from the Citizen’s Information Service is here with us with some very good advice for shoppers….

The 12 Shopping Tips of Christmas

1. Keep receipts / proof of purchase

2. The 3 Rs of your consumer rights

3. Gift receipts

4. Gift voucher expiry dates

5. Online shopping - know your rights

6. Consumer rights lie with the buyer of the goods

7. Make sure the goods work as soon as you get home

8. Safety first

9. Watch out for scams

10. Credit cards

11. Watch out for added extras

12. Read the small print


Today's Mooney's Money Winner was Peg Curtin from Co. Tipperary.