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Monday, June 29th 2009

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Citizens Information Centre
It has only been two weeks since most schools across the country closed their doors for the summer holidays, however, the time is ripe for putting in your 'Back to School Cloghing & Footwear Allowance' claim form. People who are on the Back to Education Allowance could also benefit from this allowance too..Philip McCabe is here to talk us through the process of putting in your application, and whose entitled.....also a discussion on bee's & wasps

If you have never seriously considered the phrase 'Exercise Hoola Hoop', you could be missing out on a valuable and effective addition to you exercise regime...These days some old-school fun is being injected into working out. The latest craze to bring the fun back into fitness & getting into shape is Hoola-Hooping with Michelle Obama & Beyonce as fans.......Darren Kennedy in studio to tell us more....

Keith Cullen on his debut novel God Save the Village Green (Setanta)
Keith's book God Save the Village Green....is an exercise in downbeat nostalgia, familial trouble and societal repression, this debut novel thells the story of an Irish family in London, spanning the generations from the 1960's to the 1980's. A dysfunctional, but realistic, snapshot of that moment in time. Domestic violence, heavy drinking, alienation and isolation all have their place here.

Maurice Corcoran - Narcolepsy
RTÉ Series: This is Me - No Laughing Matter
RTÉ 1, 29th June, 7.30pm

Maurice Corcoran was a landscape gardener whose happy everyday world was turned upside down a few years ago when he was diagnosed with narcoledpsy, cataplexy & as suffering from hallucinations, is in studio with he daughter Susan to tell us about it...


Q: True or False: Dublin beat Westmeath @ Croke Park yesterday A: True

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