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Friday, March 28th 2008

Presenter Aonghus McAnally All this week, the programme is presented by Aonghus McAnally.
He starts today's programme by chatting to Richard Collins, Eanna ni Lamhma and Terry Flanagan who start off chatting about the arrival of Spring. The website mentioned by Eanna is www.greenwave.ie and the website mentioned by Terry is www.biology.ie

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How many people have managed to get close - really close - to a wild owl? Well our reporter Terry Flanagan did when he recently attended the release of a long-eared owl, that had been successfully rehabilitated after being hit by a car on the Navan Road, near Fairyhouse. In the report, he chats to Dubliner John McGrath, and owl expert Eoghan Ryan. For pictures of the release, click here. The website mentioned in the report is www.irishhawkingclub.com

Anna O'Dwyer asks our panel about crows continually pecking at her window, and John Dick wants to know what to do with troublesome badgers in his garden!

Aonghus had an incredible trip recently to Peru's Machu Picchu, and today he compares South American notes with Richard Collins. Often referred to as "The Lost City of the Incas", Machu Picchu is probably the most familiar symbol of the Inca Empire. It was built around the year 1450, declared a Peruvian Historical Sanctuary in 1981 and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983. It is also one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. To see Aonghus' photos of Machu Picchu, click here.

You can't pick up a postcard of Ireland without spotting a pretty picture of a red-haired lass working on the bog - but now a plan put in place by Minister Sile de Valera in 1999 to protect our bogs is coming to fruition. At the end of this Spring's cutting season, cutting of turf on 32 raised bogs around Ireland will have to stop so the bog land can be conserved. It's been a scheme not without its controversy, but fresh from the bog to convince us of the merits of its conservation we have Dr. Catherine O'Connell, Chief Executive Officer, of the Irish Peatland Conservation Council.

Now, the quality of our drinking water is a hot topic in many parts of the country, and so it was with interest that we heard about a pilot project from the Dundalk Institute of Technology. The two year project aims to look at the quality of water in a group water scheme in County Monaghan. And by pinpointing the risks to water purity in the area, they hope to come up with some recommendations on how to protect the local water supply. Dr Suzanne Linnane and lecturer Jim O'Donoghue of DKIT join Aonghus in studio to chat about the project.

Terry was talking earlier about the release of the long-eared owl in Meath earlier, but in Kenmare a European eagle owl has been causing a bit of a stir ... as The Kerryman reported on its front page with the headline: 'Massive Eagle Owl Is No Hoot As Terrified Locals Run For Cover'. Sinéad Kelleher is the journalist who wrote the story, and she herself was one of those who came into very close contact with the bird, as she tells Aonghus. Click here for some fantastic shots of the owl by Kenmare man Jimmy O'Connell.

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