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Tuesday, March 18th 2008

We have €1000 to be won today, as well as the opportunity to go into our draw for €5,000 - just answer a simple question between 15:00 & 16:20 to make your day so much better! Click here for more details...

The Christmas before last, we came across an amazing woman called Maisie Flood. She is 94 years old, from Dublin, and a massive Liverpool fan. She impressed so greatly with her version of the Liverpool anthem You'll Never Walk Alone that we said we must bring her to Anfield to see her beloved team! So last weekend, Brenda Donohue brought her and her friend Rita Deane (a young 71!) over to watch Liverpool play Reading. And that was with thanks to our good friends at Marathon Travel, who offer trips to Liverpool, Man Utd and Sunderland home games as well as rugby packages for the Six Nations and International matches. Click here for photos.

Our next guest is a man who has sold millions of books on spirituality and well- being, and who can count among his fans Oprah Winfrey and Madonna as well as the many, many people who have found a new way of looking at the world because of his blend of Western and Eastern thinking. Deepak Chopra joins us today from the NPR studio in New York. Deepak will be in Dublin, at the National Concert Hall, on April 12th. The theme of his talk will be Explorations in Consciousness, and will take place from 9:30am - 1:00pm. The cost is €75.00 (for the first 10 rows stalls/front balcony seats) or €55.00 (for the rest of the house). For telephone bookings, call the National Concert Hall on 01 417-0000 or visit www.nch.ie.

Next week, there's a real store in treat for anyone with an interest in all things Antarctic. Actor Aidan Dooley returns to the Olympia with his award-winning one-man play, Tom Crean - Antarctic Explorer. He's back in studio to chat about the extraordinary success of the play, which will be on in Dublin's Olympia Theatre between March 25th and March 29th - for more information, click here.

If you're one of us whose mantra is 'not enough hours in the day' - you might just benefit from the advice of our next guest... Owen Fitzpatrick is a psychologist and time management expert who is presenting a new series on RTÉ One, called Not Enough Hours. It claims to help the frazzled, exhausted and harried put their house in order and free up some vital time in their lives. He pops into studio to give Derek and Brenda some advice on their work-life balance. Plus we chat to one man featured in the series, Conor Holmes, who used to work up to 20 hours a day, before Owen took him in hand! The first programme in the series Not Enough Hours will be broadcast tomorrow (Wed. March 19th) on RTÉ One at 8.30pm.

And we congratulate Bernadette Bibb from Co. Limerick, on winning €1000 of Mooney's Money, and entering our draw to win €5,000 worth of prize bonds! To find out how you could win €1000 tomorrow, click here...