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Friday, March 14th 2008

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Boylesports and Cheltenham
After 3 days of frantic betting we managed to turn the €1,000 Leon Blanche of Boylesports into €2,000 which was great but well short of our intended €10,000, but thanks to Boylesports they made up the extra €8,000 so we could reach the €10,000 we intended for the Solas project in Our Lady's Hospital Crumlin.

SOLAS - Interactive Community for Children with Cancer
You may recall a few weeks back we talked on the programme about Brenda Donohue's niece Tara, who tragically died two months ago after a battle with cancer. Tara herself had talked to us very eloquently last year about the challenges that face a sick child or teenager, over and above the illness itself.

Things like loss of interaction with their peers, depression, withdrawal… things that can get in the way of their recovery.

Solas is a project that is getting to grips with these issues, and it's currently being piloted on the children's cancer ward of Our Lady's Children's Hospital, in collaboration with researchers in Trinity College Dublin.

Solas aims to help children to keep in touch with the child's friends and family, and with keeping on top of education and exams through provision of multimedia facilities. And in general, getting over that isolation barrier.

Our Lady's Hospital Crumlin click here
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Salmon in the Liffey
There has been widespread concern about the level of stock of salmon in our rivers with anglers and fish experts all trying to find away of protecting our fish.

Terry Flanagan visited one salmon hatchery on the River Liffey at Islandbridge to see the work of Pat O Molloy.

Pat Molloy

The situation is remarkably healthy on the Liffey - despite all the pollution, 1,000 wild fish were recorded there last year. The Rhine, despite all the efforts and money only had 500 - 600 fish recorded there.

Salmon Eggs

It is important to appreciate that we are only beginning to understand that animals reared in captivity are in fact genetically different from wild ones - genes are switched off by the very fact of the animal being in captivity. So inter bred stock can be a lot weaker that the original wild stock.


Horse owners breed their stock to do well on a two or three mile race course - the tiny salmon travel thousands of miles, so it is only natural that you want to keep the strain as strong as possible.

Fox Cub
Greame O'Sullivan got in touch with us after he found a fox cub and he was wondering what he should do with it.

Tom O'Byrne, from Monart Wildlife fox expert joined us on the line.

When foxes are born they are the colour of chocolate, but after a few weeks they take on more of a copper colour, closer to their colour as adults, that's when the can be weaned.

You can feed a fox anything a dog would eat. Roadkill would be good also as this is what he would eat once back in the wild.

The fox should be introduced to the wild slowly at first, letting him out into the garden, he will look after himself, coming back for food and gradually making his way about the neighbourhood. eventually he will be pushed out by the dominant fox, and he will move about from territory to territory until he finds his own place, the fox population is self regulating, the numbers about corresponds to what food is available.

Urban foxes have a good chance of survival, food is plentiful, dog food left over in bowls, roadkill and all sorts of other food are available.

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