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Wednesday, March 12th 2008

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Leonard Cohen
Brenda and Derek talk about the legendary singer songwriter Leonard Cohen who will be playing outdoor seated show in Dublin in June. They compare the many versions of his famous song Hallelujah.

Bertie Ahern came out this week on a strong note of caution for the Irish economy. We are facing hard times by all accounts. It was his strongest pronouncement yet about the financial slowdown we are facing.

Neil Hughes comes into studio to talk about recent news from Credit Suisse that they are advising their investors not to keep their money in Ireland.

Rising interest rates have brought an end to housing and construction booms. The risk is that that combination of tighter credit conditions, already high mortgage debt service and rising unemployment could set up a problematic feedback between the financial sector and the rest of the economy.

The housing market is at the heart of the downturn. The cost of servicing a mortgage has risen from 3.5% of disposable income in mid 2005 to almost 7% by the end of last year.

Unemployment is rising which will affect consumer spending and confidence. It also raises the risk of mortgage default.

Treoir's - The Young Parent Survival Guide
Yesterday there was a new arrival in the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin. Seventeen young mothers and their children were on hand to greet the latest new arrival, the first issue of Treoir's, The Young Parent Survival Guide.

Treoir is the national federation of services for unmarried parents and their children. All this is very topical due to the success of the movie Juno.

This is the first time in Ireland a magazine has been produced specially for young parents in an adolescent friendly format.

The Survival Guide is available free of charge from Treoir.
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