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Tuesday, March 4th 2008

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Padre Pio - Mario Martinez
Yesterday the body of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina was exhumed from his crypt in the Church of Our Lady of Grace in Italy so that his remains could be prepared for display. Witnesses involved in the operation described Pio's body as being in amazing condition, with Archbishop Domenico D'Ambrosio stating that Pio's hands "looked like they had just undergone a manicure".

Dr. Mario Martinez a clinical psychologist who has written extensively on stigmata and of course has been a guest on the programme a number of times before, and he joined us on the line from his home in Nashville.

Dr. Martinez will be in Ireland on the 15th of March.
He will be giving a lecture on The Fear of Abundance in Milltown Institute. Details can be found on biocognitive.com or from angelsshop.ie

Radon Gas - Dr Tony Colgan
Every so often we hear about the dangers of radon in our homes but perhaps we don't take it as seriously as we should. In the news today is one rather disturbing story about one house in Ballyporeen in South Tipperary which registered radon levels 45 times the recommended level. One the line to tell us how this could have happened we have Dr Tony Colgan, Director of Advisory Services with the Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland.

The Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland (RPII) has today urged householders to test their homes for the cancer causing radioactive gas radon following the discovery of very high radon levels in a house in South Tipperary. The RPII estimate that there are approximately 91,000 homes in Ireland with high levels of radon gas and so far only 4,000 approx. of them have been identified. This follows detection of very high levels of radon gas in a house near Ballyporeen in Co Tipperary.

The home had a peak reading in one room of 9,000 becquerels per cubic metre (Bq/m3) which is 45 times the acceptable level of 200 Bq/m3. The RPII is concerned that other homes in Ireland, and in particular this area, could have similar problems.

The Tipperary householder had tested the home for radon gas and once informed of the result took immediate action to fix the problem. In this case a radon pump was installed in the house that prevents high radon concentrations accumulating again. Subsequent measurements have shown the radon concentration to be less than 45 Bq/m3.

It is unnecessary for the public to put themselves at risk from radon. Householders need to take this matter seriously and measure radon levels in their homes to ensure that they and their families are not at risk. Where there is a need to reduce levels, remediation is relatively cheap compared to other household repairs and resolves the situation immediately. People are receiving radiation doses that would not be tolerated by workers in Sellafield and it is unacceptable that they are exposed to such dangerous levels.

The RPII has produced a set of maps, available on their website (www.rpii.ie), indicating High Radon Areas - areas where more than 10% of the houses are predicted to have radon levels above the acceptable level. The maps show that nearly one-third of the country is deemed a High Radon Area, with the Southeast and West being of particular concern.

The RPII advises all householders, particularly those living in High Radon Areas, to have their homes tested for radon.

Testing for radon involves the placing of one radon detector in a bedroom and a second in a living room for a three-month period. The detectors are the size of an air freshener and can be sent and returned by post for analysis. A number of private companies and the RPII provide a radon measurement service to the public for as little as €56.

For more information:

RPII's website: www.rpii.ie
Freefone: 1800 300 600
Or text the word RADON followed by your name and address to 53377. (Texts cost a maximum of 15 cent)

Tara Lane - Crumlin Childrens Hospital
In March last year we had a remarkable young woman called Tara Lane on the programme. Tara had neuroblastma which meant that she had tumours in her nervous system.
Tara was also the face of the Solas Project in Crumlin Hospital which is a project that aims to create communion via the internet, texts etc for children and teenagers who have to be in isolation or spend long periods in hospital because of their condition.

Sadly in January Tara passed away but her friends and family have come together to raise funds for St Johns Ward in Crumlin Hospital and Brenda is involved

Michelle Kearney and she has written a song inspired by Tara which will be going on sale soon to raise funds.
The song is called Angels Wings.

The CD single will be available from Friday week in a variety of local shops in Newbridge including Dunnes Stores and Newbridge Credit Union.
A bank account has also been set up in her name:

Account Name: Angels Wings CD Account

Bank of Ireland.

Account Number: 11120323

Ref No: 32155

Sort Code: 90 12 63

All the funds raised go to St John's Ward in Crumlin Childrens Hospital

After a lifetime spent in the hotel and hospitality industry Peter Malone is now applying his experience to many different ventures, from road building to academia.

He has been appointed chancellor of Limerick University. Peter spoke about his family links with the Limerick area. He is hoping to bring his business acumen to the university. And the man from Dundalk has been charged with attracting students and staff from further a field.

Peter started off at the Shannon College of Hotel Management. In his time working in the industry he has noticed a major fall in standards.

While he was CEO of Jurys Doyle hotels,they saw a big change.They moved from being a group of three hotels to a group with 36 hotels.They also pioneered the Jury's Inn brand of three star hotels. Peter is the Chairman of the National Roads Authority. He is looking forward to 2010 when he hopes that there will be an unbroken line of motorways and dual carrageways from Newry to Cork to Galway and the tolls will be gone on the M50.

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