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Wednesday, January 23rd 2008

The 2008 Temple Bar Trad, Irish music and culture festival kicks off tomorrow and runs until Sunday 27th.One of the events has really caught our attention and its Irish culture workshops.

Brenda has found a particularly interesting course - a fun crash course in traditional Irish dance, song and language, hosted by Gealcultur and it's on this Saturday in Film Base.

Brenda has 5 places for Mooney listeners to go on the course.
If you would like to rediscover your love of Irish music, dance and song or explore it for the first time this could be for you. If you are prepared to try a bit of Sean nos singing and dancing then just give us a call and tell us why you would like to do the crash course in Irish culture.

The course is on Saturday 26 January at 11am in film base. It lasts 2 hours and those attending the course will each receive 2 tickets to a gala concert on Sunday night in the Olympia Theatre.

On stage are Mozaik (Donald Lunny and Andy Irvine)
Tommy and Siobhan Peoples
Rosin Elsafy (Sean nos singer)
Jackie Daly
Rules to enter.
1. You must be able to make you own way to and from Filmbase.
2. You must be over 18yrs.

Call: 1850 715 900 / 08457 85 7777 from Northern Ireland.

Red Square, The Kremlin, St Basils Cathedral are all Moscow must see's. Without a doubt it is a city with an incredible history, but is it any fun? The man to ask about this is a Cork man who has been living there for 14 years and he loves it - Steve Rabette.
Steve is originally from Cork, emigrated in 1984 and went to California for ten years. Steve works in IT and is involved in investments in hotels. He's been in Russia since 1994. He stayed because of the people - they are friendly and hard working and like the Irish eat potatoes and cabbage.

He set up his own company there doing IT and he now does hotel investments. It was so like what he had seen in news programmes - you saw women in headscarves. Going out was expensive with limited venues - ex-pats hung around in ghetto bars and didn't mix with the Russians.
Now it's totally different and very Westernised in certain respects - you can buy anything at any time and there are lots of Western companies operating there. Western companies coming into Russia have to take that cultural difference into account. Starbucks has only recently made it to Russia - they have a no smoking or drinking alcohol policy in their shops which goes against much of the Russian culture - although that is changing.

You have to visit Moscow. It is a fun 24-hour city. You can shop till you drop in some of the biggest shopping centers in Europe. They have a very quaint way of doing business here; they open their shops when the customers might want to spend their money. Call it opportunism, call it consumerism running riot, but most of all you can call it customer care. It is wonderful. It sets a standard for everywhere else.Oh, did I forget to tell you that most pubs only close when the last customer leaves, and some never close.
Summary: Pubs, Restaurants, Clubs open 24/7 and no binge drinking worth talking about. Shop for fashion or furniture, cars or sound systems twelve or more hours, 7 days a week; groceries and pharmaceuticals available 24/7.

There is always drink involved in a night out in Russia - there is a great mix of old and young people. They're a nation who loves to play. The hospitality is unending and people are very articulate and good story-tellers.
It would be a very good venue for commercial property investment - Moscow can be expensive to get into but the regions are developing and are good value. He has seen 40% property appreciation in just a year. This is helped because Russia is buffered from the dollar because it holds 40% of its holdings in Euro - the ruble is being quoted with increasing frequency.

For more information on Moscow business opportunities you can contact Steve at:

0074959695144 or steve@fns.ru

Michelin Star Restaurants
Ireland has two new Michelin Star restaurants as and from lunchtime today - Bon Appetite in Malahide and Mint restaurant in Ranelagh join our four existing Michelin star holders. Niall Martin went down to Mint to meet chef Dylan McGrath just before he heard whether he had succeeded or failed in his bid for a star and took him to the chipper!

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