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Monday, January 21st 2008

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Terry goes to Wexford to speak to Ray Roche about his multi coloured horse that looks like a Dalmatian! J.R. is an Appaloosa horse and he is covered from head to toe in different coloured spots.

Dan Reeves of Animal Genetics in the UK joins us on the line to discuss the genetics of J.R.

Ray and J.R.

Monaghan Life Support Group
If you stopped a dozen people on the street and conducted your own opinion poll, I think that most people would imagine that more lives are lost through road traffic accidents in Ireland than are lost through suicide.

But the truth of the matter is that more people died by suicide in Ireland last year than were killed on Irish roads.
Dealing with families bereaved by suicide; providing facilities for the suicidal and preventing deaths by suicide is often left up to community initiatives.One such initiative is the Monaghan Life Support Group.Founder member Patricia O'Connell joins us in studio to explain what they do.

It originated from the Monaghan Citizen's Information Centre. People who had family members who died as a result of suicide would call into the office and ask for advice on death grants and other entitlements. As they were often very upset, a special room was put aside for their use.

From this early service, a support group was founded. It met once a week and was a safe and comfortable place for people to meet. The bereaved families could be directed to counselling and other services that might benefit them, and supported while they dealt with these issues.

The support group just grew and grew. They moved out of the Community Information Centre and into their own offices. Only in the last few months a drop in centre for people has opened in Park Street, Monaghan. The centre is open every day and offers support as well as complementary therapies like aromatherapy or reiki.

Contact the Monaghan Life Support Group:
Lo - call: 1890 555 121
Phone: 047 72 606
Or call in to the offices on Park Street, Monaghan

Samaritans are available 24 hours a day at 1850 60 90 90 for those in distress nationwide.

AWARE and Console amongst many others provide counselling for those bereaved by suicide and expericencing depression thoughout the country.
Information at www.nosp.ie

John Demartini joins Derek in studio after giving a talk to the population of St. Patrick's Institution for juvenile offenders.Mooney producer Jim Lockhart joined him and told us all about his experience in St. Patricks.

For more information on John Demartini and details of his new book The Heart of Love click here

This week, an article in the Vatican's official newspaper has condemned J K Rowling's Harry Potter books for posing a danger to children by promoting witchcraft and the occult. In a damning indictment of the bestselling books the article in L'Osservatore Romano called poor Harry "the wrong kind of hero''.
Irish Independent columnist David Quinn joins us to talk about it.

About 3 years ago, just before he became Pope, the then Cardinal Ratzinger sent a reply to a letter he received from a woman who had written a book condemning the Harry Potter books and movies. In his reply to her he said that the Potter saga was "a subtle seduction, which has deeply unnoticed and direct effects in undermining the soul of Christianity before it can really grow properly''. She then made the reply public and all hell broke loose.

David is quite happy with his children reading and watching Harry Potter. They're entertaining and because the moral message is essentially that good wins and evil loses. It is a world dominated by children. Children love magic. There is great camaraderie between the friends. It pits good against evil. Harry Potter is an ordinary boy from a very humble background who discovers he has extraordinary powers.

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