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Thursday, January 17th 2008

Derek's not happy about motorists' behaviour in relation to yellow-box junctions - Brian Lally went out to find out what other drivers think of them. Plus we chat to John Walsh from the Irish School of Motoring explains the rules, one of our listeners, Ray, about his experiences of box junctions, and Dominic, who petitioned Dublin City Council for the yellow-box junction outside Donnybrook Church. To find out exactly how you should approach a yellow-box junction, click here.

We have €1000 to be won today - just answer a simple question between now & 16:20 to make your day so much better! Click here for more details...

Now you may have heard that laughter is good for you and also that yoga is good for you! But have you ever heard of the two combined? Well Laughter Yoga is seemly gaining in popularity across the country and can apparently help with everything from blood pressure to stress to asthma. The woman who introduced it to Ireland is Mary Mitchell and she joins us now from the BBC studios in Radio Foyle. For details on Laughter Yoga workshops in Ireland, click here.

We spoke on Tuesday about the Swastika laundry and got quite a bit of reaction to it, so here in studio to tell us about the laundry and how it got its name, we are joined by the founder's grandson, Peter Brittain. Plus we chat to former Swastika Laundry van driver Harry Philips, and Theresa, who was a customer or Swastika Laundry.

Brenda Donohue chats to Niall Quinn about a new scheme to encourage Irish people to move to Sunderland, and asks him what he makes of the WAGs...

Our man Ray Carroll, who for the last six weeks has been rowing across the Atlantic for Mooney, sponsored by Ulster Bank and raising money for Aware, is now less than sixteen nautical miles from land. He should reach Barbados by 6pm this evening, and we hope to chat to Ray about his extraordinary endeavour onboard La Mondiale on tomorrow's show. For more information about Ray's quest, click here.

And we congratulate Joe Scanlon from Teach Mor, Inverin, Co. Galway, on winning €1000 of Mooney's Money! To find out how you could win €1000 tomorrow, click here...