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Wednesday, January 16th 2008

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Neil Hughes is in with financial advice and he is also looking at recent stock market turbulence along with the Mooney portfolio of shares for this year. Neil also talks about examinership, a process where companies in debt are given 100 days to sort out their finance.

Neil's shares for this year are:

1. Sony = 6758 JP or SNE US (local line and ADR)
2. Toshiba Nuclear Power = Toshiba Plant Systems and Services = 1983 JP or TOISF US (local line and ADR)
3. Anglo Platinum = AMS SJ
4. Bayer = BAY GR
5. Bank of Ireland = BKIR ID
6. Alcatel = ALU FP

And remember stocks and shares go down as well as up so don't invest money that you can't afford to lose. We are using mythical money on Mooney.


Property - a topic that is still a conversation stalwart for us Irish - but how is the market in 2008 going to perform? Are we looking at more of a down turn or are we on the up? And if you're looking for a place to rest your head, we have found some of the cheapest properties on the market!
And to set her property stall we have Fiona McLoughlin, head of PrivateSeller.ie

The properties that are cheap are particularly good for holiday homes and first time buyers - they all need to be refurbished, reconnected to electricity etc. You're taking on planning risks that's why they're so cheap.

  • 1.5 miles from village of Newtown Gore, Leitrim
  • Stone-built cottage, four rooms - two beds - €60,000.
  • Coolaney, Co Sligo
  • €70,000 - three roomed cottage - main and two bedrooms.
  • Mountbellow, Co Galway
  • Three bedroom on 1.5 acres - €70,000
  • Mulhuddert, Dublin 15 Ground floor apartment, one bed - €190,000 - new and doesn't need to be refurbished.

Last week Brenda put on her dancing shoes and joined the Macusla Dance Group in Foley Street in Dublin. Now for a change she was the youngest person there!
The Macushla Dance Group and all the members are over 50. They come from north inner city Dublin and their dance teacher is Rianach Ni Neill.

Classes are on every Thursday at 10.45 am and they are free.
They take place at DanceHouse, Liberty Corner, Foley Street, Dublin 1

For more information phone: 01 855 8800 or email: info@danceireland.ie

Helicopter Parenting - Dr. Paul Redmond
Now in Irish life we all know what a Féis mother is. She irons the costume, does the ringlets, organises the packed lunch and fights with the judges about the marks awarded to her precious offspring. But at what stage do you have to let go and stop trying to control everything in your child's life.

Helicopter parenting is the tendency that some parents have to hover over their offspring, booking their appointments, chaperoning them to events, and swooping down like a personal strike team whenever the need arises.
We are now seeing more and more of this kind of interference from the parents of young adults. It first came to my attention at the recruitment days I organise for students. I have been told by many of the companies that attended that more and more students are bringing parents to these events to talk on their behalf.
Helicopter parenting tends to be a middle class phenomenon and here are some of the types Dr. Redmond has witnessed.

The Agent
Operates like a footballer's agent: fixing deals, arranging contracts, smoothing out local difficulties. It's the agent's job to represent his or her client at events which, for whatever reason, the client feels are simply too tedious to attend. Having an agent helicopter parent is like having Max Clifford working for you round the clock.
The Banker
Accessible online, face to face or via personal hotline, the banker is unique in the world of financial services for charging no APR, asking few if any questions, expecting no collateral, and being psychologically inclined to say yes no matter how illogical or poorly articulated the request. The banker is also resigned to never seeing loans repaid.
The White Knight
This parent appears at short notice to resolve awkward situations. Once resolved, the idea is the white knight will fade anonymously into the background.
The Bodyguard
The primary function of the bodyguard is to protect the client from a range of embarrassing social situations, such as cancelling appointments and soaking up complaints on behalf of their client.
The Black Hawk
Dreaded by teachers and educational administrators, the black hawk is unique among helicopter parents due to their willingness to go to any lengths - legal or illegal - to give their offspring a positional advantage. Particularly lethal when elected to parent-teacher associations.

Dr. Paul Redmond is Head of Careers & Employability Service - University of Liverpool

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