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Tuesday, January 8th 2008

Derek and Brenda wax lyrical about The Sound Of Music, and the Michael Moore documentary Sicko.

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Desperate Housewives makes its much anticipated return to RTÉ2 this evening, Tuesday January 8th at 9pm, but here on Mooney, we're looking for Ireland's Desperate Househusbands! It's the time of year for resolutions, new approaches and fresh attempts to maybe help out a bit more around the home. Well if that's you and you're a man, Brenda Donohue has something that may appeal to you! Click here for more!

It's the new year and perhaps time for a 'new you'. So if you want to improve how you deal with life and your relationships and are thinking of going for some help, you might well come across a relatively new form of therapy called Cognitive Behaviour Therapy or CBT. But what is it exactly and why is it so talked about at the moment? Well with Derek this afternoon to tell us about it is Eoin Stephens, who is President of the Personal Counselling Institute and a member of the Executive committee for the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. To visit the website of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Ireland, click here. To contact Eoin, call 01 464-2268 - this is the contact number for PCI College (Personal Counselling Institute), where Eoin works.

Stumped!) Well it's the new year and lots of you are probably taking up new sports, but did you ever wonder about why sports people do certain things? Like why do cyclists shave their legs? And is there a reason that so many tennis players, particularly the females, grunt when they're playing? Well here to answer those questions is Nicholas Hobbes, author of Stumped! The Sports Fan's Book Of Answers. The book is published by Atlantic Books, the ISBN is 978-1843546658 and it costs around €14.

On yesterday's programme, you may have heard the interview with Pat. He told us about how he had suffered from chronic fatigue for years, and had experienced an extraordinary improvement in his well being and energy levels as a result of taking part in a programme called the Lightning Process over a three day period in England. As you know, Pat suffered with chronic fatigue for several years with no clear diagnosis of what caused it, despite many tests both here and abroad. Chronic fatigue; chronic fatigue syndrome; M.E.; yuppie flu - these labels seem to be used interchangeably in everyday speech to describe illnesses that have a common thread of fatigue. Dr Charles Sheppard has written widely on the subject of ME and chronic fatigue, and is medical advisor to the British ME Assocation and he joins Derek to explain exactly what M.E. is.

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