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Friday, January 4th 2008

It's Mooney Goes Wild today, and joining Derek on the panel are Richard Collins, and Eanna ni Lamhna.

During the week we received this e-mail from one of our listeners, Darran Ganter: I came across this whale washed up just on the Dublin side of a small village in Galway called Roundstone. As you can see it's about 6 metres long so obviously its not fully grown BUT it's not really that young either. It had been washed up on Friday evening last and was alive. It then went out with the tide. Then it was beached on Saturday at its final resting spot. It was very thin and reports show that it hadn't eaten in a while. No specific time indicated. We ask Richard and Eanna about the whale - for the photos and video that Derek talks about, click here.

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To explain what the Kyoto Protocol is and how it works, Eanna is joined by Ken Macken, Programme Manager with the Environmental Protection Agency. Click here to read Eanna's guide to the Kyoto protocol.

Des Kenny, CEO of NCBI (National Council for the Blind in Ireland) Today is World Braille Day, an annual opportunity to promote Braille literacy. Louis Braille was born on Jan. 4th 1809, and today Terry Flanagan chats to Des Kenny, CEO of NCBI (National Council for the Blind in Ireland).

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