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Brian Kennedy

Do You Want Brian Kennedy To Play In YOUR Home?

Over the past couple of months we have had a lot of fun bringing music back into people's homes. This is where a Mooney listener gets a chance to have someone well-known come and play a private gig for them, their family and neighbours in their house.

It all started when Nick Kelly, ex-The Fat Lady Sings, played in the home of Michael Kelly and Katie Egan in north Dublin. Then Paul Harrington played in the home of Carol Gavvett in Ballinclay, Co. Wexford. And on Wednesday, June 25th, Brian Kennedy brought his guitar to Brenda Drumm's house in Newbridge Co. Kildare to play for Brenda, her husband Brian, their two children Cathal and Emma and a whole host of neighbours and friends - Brenda Donohue, of course went along with him!

Photographs courtesy of Michael Donnelly Photography

Brian's new album, Interpretations, is in the shops and his latest single is a cover version of Clifford T Ward's Gaye. For more information about Brian Kennedy, visit his website: www.briankennedy.co.uk

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