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Free CD and Poster: Wonderful Waders


A Mooney Goes Wild exclusive for the RTÉ Guide to be published on the 25th January 2006

Following on from the success of our Dawn Chorus CD and Poster, Mooney Goes Wild and the RTÉ Guide are joining forces once again to bring you WADERS


Waders are birds which frequent wetlands. They often have long beaks and correspondingly long legs. They wade in shallow water and are pushed back and forth by the tide. The Oystercatcher is one of our commonest waders and its piping call is a familiar sound of the seaside. 'Iasacht an roilligh don bhfaolóig', the Oystercatcher's loan to the seagull, meant a loan which was never repaid. The Oystercatcher lent its swimming togs to the gull. But the gull never gave the togs back, so the poor Oystercatcher can't enter the water and has to remain on the shore.
RTÉ Guide, Wednesday 25th January 2006
Ever since, the Oystercatcher keeps calling 'bi glic, bi glic', meaning 'be smart', 'don't be fooled'; once bitten twice shy! Actually, Oystercatchers can swim and staying out of the water is not just an oystercatcher thing. Very few waders ever go swimming.

To learn more about our 'wonderful waders' get your free CD and Poster in the RTÉ Guide, Wednesday 25th January 2006.

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Mooney Goes Wild - Wonderful Waders

Saturday 28th January 2006
9 - 10AM RTÉ Radio 1
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10 - 11AM RTÉ Radio 1
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