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Fota Wildlife Park Gallery

Meeting a ring tailed Lemur
Meeting a ring tailed Lemur

Saimang Chimps
Saimang Chimps - Protective of her offspring, Kaya the baby holds on tight to her mother Kat

The flamingo takes it all in his stride as he drinks from the pond

'Aiveen' a two week old female giraffe calf is attended to by her mother at Fota Island Wildlife Park, Co. Cork yest. 'Aiveen' meaning swift one was born on the morning Sonia O'Sullivan won silver at the olympics.

A large group of ring tailed lemurs huddle tightly together against some extreme spring weather. A baby lemur tail is visible in the lower right-hand corner of the picture.

Macaws - Robert & Roberta relax on a branch at the opening of the Fota Wildlife Park Cobh Co. Cork.

Shouting it from the rooftops... a male ostrich heralds the arrival of spring.

Photos: Michael Mac Sweeney/Gavin Browne/Provision

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