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BatsIreland is currently home to nine species of bat. All our bats are totally harmless, much smaller than people imagine and very dependent on humans for their survival... more

BeesThe plump furry-looking bee that can be seen flying from flower to flower in your garden is a bumblebee. Along with the wasp they are the most visible of these three species... more

FoxesIf you thought you saw a fox in your garden, then chances are you were right! Where foxes are common, most houses will be visited by one during the night... more

How to Build A Nestbox
Great TitIf you have mature trees or high walls or a blank gable end to your house, putting up a nest box to attract birds in summer is well worth considering. more

JackdawsJackdaws (Corvus monedula) were originally known as 'choughs', a name derived from the bird's principal call. Jackdaws also utter chattering calls... more

MammalsIt's believed that mammals evolved about 200 million years ago from small shrew-like animals. By studying fossils, it's possible to say that mammals evolved from early reptiles... more

Wildlife Gardening
Nature GardenA wildlife garden recreates the habitats found in nature. It provides a haven for creatures of all kinds. No chemicals are used so that the balance of nature is not disturbed... more

RobinsThe Robin, not the Turkey, is the real Christmas bird; it's on cards, cakes and Christmas trees. This little upstart has earned his place in the sun, or maybe in the snow... more

TurtlesMarine turtles also called sea turtles are large air - breathing reptiles that remain relatively unchanged in the same form as their ancestors did 200 million years ago... more

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