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About The Show

Mooney Goes Wild wins first prize at the Prix Europa 2000

The award was for the Mooney Goes Wild radio, Internet and television coverage of a pair of nesting Jackdaws, Jackie and Daw, as they built the nest, layed the eggs and raised their first brood of the millennium. The nest was constructed four feet down a chimney on a disused outhouse at the back of the old Leinster Flour Mills near Naas in Co Kildare. The technical support for the project was provided by Wild Ireland - Ireland's wildlife resource on the web.

This is Ireland's most popular wildlife and environment radio programme. During the months of May and June 2000, the programme followed the fortunes of a pair of nesting jackdaws, known as Jackie and Daw. From the laying of the first egg to the hatching of the first chick, these jackdaws be- came bird soap stars as they raised their millennium brood. Activity from the nest site was simultaneously streamed live all around the globe on the World Wide Web and a panel of experts interpreted the behaviour of the birds and the progress of the nest.

New idea:
1) To reveal the life of a pair of nesting birds to our radio audience, using state- of-the-art multi-media technology.
2) To access a wider public, using guest appearances on those radio and television programmes with the largest national audiences.
3) To target a worldwide audience using Internet and satellite technology.
4) To demonstrate the value of media technology as a research tool.
5) To change public attitudes to this so called pest species.

Quote from the jury report:
Nestwatch 2000 was an extremely successful example of cooperation between the popular media of radio television. The accompanying commentaries by experts made this documentation more than just informative; it succeeded in enlightening the population about a species of bird that is criticised and often killed as a pest. The entry summarises radio reports, excerpts from TV broadcasts and telephone calls to form the well-rounded overall result of this multimedia event.

About Prix Europa:
The Prix Europa is awarded to the best European television, radio and Internet productions with the aim of publicising them throughout Europe and supporting their distribution and use. The competition's main concern is to promote the trademark "Made in Europe" and to reflect the complete spectrum of European productions, to show cross-border programme developments and to be a forum for quality programmes. It has become the most important festival of its kind since the founding of Prix Europa in 1987 by the European Cultural Foundation and the Council of Europe.

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